• DIY's

    DIY Door Mat

    Have you seen the “stacked door mat” look? I have always loved the way it looked but had not taken the time to get one yet. I’ll be honest, our build is absolutely consuming our lives right now and finding time to homeschool, clean, cook and spend time with the kids is hard enough nonetheless decorate our current house for the seasons! However, knowing each season is our last in…

    August 27, 2018
  • DIY's

    DIY Door Knobs

    After finally settling on which door style we were going with, I began searching for the perfect door knobs. Very quickly, I found the ones I loved at Only $141.90…per door! We have quite a few interior doors in our new house, so at $141.90 a piece, that would add up VERY quickly! However, I have dreamed of having glass door knobs with a trim plate since I was…

    March 15, 2018