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    Purposefully Pinning on Pinterest: How I Grew My Pinterest from 200 Views a Month to 1.2 Million in just 2 months!

    When trying to develop your personal or professional brand, you want to fully utilize any tool possible to help grow and give credence to your endeavor. While I am absolutely no expert, I am learning as I go and love passing on the things I learn that work for me so that others can try them in their business. Nothing I did is complicated or requires any skill you do…

    January 14, 2019
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    Are you Experiencing an Instagram ‘Holiday Hump’?

    I have received countless messages in the past few weeks about how discouraged people are about their numbers on Instagram. I get it! It has been a rough few weeks! Between Instagram algorithim changes and people having more on their personal plates as we approach the holidays, it leaves our numbers looking a little lackluster! However, just like any other time of the year, you can only do the best…

    December 19, 2018
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    How I Grew My Instagram to 100K Followers in Under 10 Months (While Building a House, Homeschooling Four Kids and Running a Business)

    This past Sunday, I celebrated reaching 100K Instagram followers! Considering I joined Instagram in February 2018, that is pretty crazy! While I love helping others grow, and would love to take the time to help each of you grow your account, I have received so many DM’s and comments asking for advice and tips, I figured the easiest way to get the information out there would be to do a…

    November 13, 2018
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    Meal Planning, Growing Your Instagram and Homeschooling

    Random title right? What could these three things possibly have in common? Though I started this blog the same time I began my Instagram account when we hit some speed bumps with our build, I decided to focus on my Instagram, and once our build picked back up, I would focus on the blog again. So, now that our build is rolling, I cannot wait to share all the details…

    August 22, 2018