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    Choosing My Countertops

    As many of you know by now, I love to cook! The kitchen is truly the heart of our home and the center of our lives! So it should come as no surprise that when we designed and built our home, we began with the kitchen and worked our way out. I wanted a bright, airy, beautiful space that was also highly functional. Every single element that is going in…

    March 28, 2019
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    OSB vs. CDX: Which Base Layer is Right for You?

    "A three strand cord is not easily broken." While this is speaking to the fact that there is strength in numbers, I am going to argue that those three strand need to be the highest quality they can to make the cord as strong as possible. The same is true when building home. While most people only see the finished product and do not give much thought to the steps…

    January 14, 2019
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    Insuring Your Farmhouse

    While a lot of time is spent designing and building your home, picking an insurance policy is usually done via a quick phone call. The agent sends you a quote and you sign on the dotted line. You are protected right? Well, after living through two very severe hurricanes over the past two years and seeing the devastation brought to people’s lives made worse by issues with their insurance companies,…

    May 9, 2018
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    FHA, USDA, or Conventional?

    When looking for a construction to permanent loan, we found three options, USDA, FHA, and Conventional. Each one had its pros and cons, and we carefully weighed each one out versus the other before making our final decision. I’ll share everything I learned with you in hopes it can help if you need to finance building a home via a construction to permanent loan! USDA Single Family Housing Guaranteed Loan…

    May 2, 2018
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    Getting Financed for a Construction to Permanent Loan…When You are Self-Employed!

    In addition to not being able to find a lot we loved, concern over being approved for a construction to permanent loan because we were self-employed held us back from building sooner. After the market crash of 2008, which affected our part of the country very significantly, banks became very strict with their lending process. Gone were the days of ‘stated income’ and other lax lending standards. Everyone we spoke…

    April 12, 2018